What makes us different?


We are a small, locally owned, family oriented business.  We provide a much more personalized, customized and efficient service to our customers than a “big box” entity can do, simply because we are hand’s on with our business approach.  We are here answering our phones, listening to your questions and providing the services you require in a timely, professional manner.  With Unruh Insulation, you know that your insulation installation will be done according to your specific scheduling needs.


Unruh Insulation provides valuable certification upon completion of installation services. This Certificate of Insulation is proof that the installation service provided is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for one calendar year from the date of installation.  Why is this important? Insulation is one of those things not visible to the eye for prospective home buyers.  Call it a ‘hidden feature’ that can also be an important factor in applying for rebate programs as well as adding to resale value.  We cannot stress enough how important it is to have written proof of the insulation work done on your structure, be it a residence or a business.  **If additional work is required after 10 years due to such instances as insulation settling, Unruh Insulation will provide a new Certificate of Insulation.**  This is our guarantee from our company to you, the home and/or business owner.  It provides peace of mind as well as years of substantial savings in utility bills.


Why are the above details important? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, roughly 44% of your energy bill goes to heating or cooling systems.  To save your home from energy loss, insulation is the best solution. In recent times, there are an increasing number of property buyers who are giving energy conservation a huge priority during house constructions. In older homes, either there is no insulation or the existing insulation is insufficient.  Unruh Insulation offers a variety of insulation materials to suit your budget and your specific needs.  If you’re interested in green, Earth friendly products, we are happy to report that we specialize in energy efficient, green insulation products.  We generally utilize urethane foam as our insulation material, but will work with you if you prefer a different medium.


Unruh Insulation brings the full benefits of energy efficiency by maximizing the insulation performance of new or existing homes or businesses. Insulation can be confusing with all the options that are available and we are here to answer any and all questions you may have, providing details, explanations and benefits of the various types of insulation methods available.  We promise to work with you to find the best method and type of insulation for your location and your budget.


Unruh Insulation started in January 1997 as a way to supplement a farming income.  We specialize in energy efficient, green products that are quite often a benefit to our customers in the form of valuable rebates, as many of these entities favor environmentally friendly products.  Emery began the business with a single blowing unit and, due to hard work, strong customer satisfaction and word of mouth advertising, we have expanded over the years to the current 5 crews that specialize in the following:

one crew specializes in retrofit work such as installing new, up to current codes and standards insulation in older homes and businesses

one crew specializes in attic work

two crews specialize in agricultural insulation for structures such as hog and chicken barns and agricultural shops

finally, we have four crews that install foam insulation in many different applications


As new insulation methods and products become available, Unruh Insulation studies these and decides which to incorporate into our services. It is also important to note that we do not turn business away! This is another strong benefit that comes from being a small, family owned business; we are the ones making the day to day decisions, rather than a nameless, faceless corporate entity.  We will work with you to find the best insulation method for your residence or business location, period.


Insulation is one of those parts of owning a home or business that can be daunting.  We understand that – the rules, regulations, standards and myriad choices can be mind boggling.  We take pride in the fact that Unruh Insulation works with each individual to make those details more readily understood so that educated decisions can be made and the insulation project can be accomplished, fitting your specific budget, in a short period of time.


Our promise to you is that we are always on time, we are always professional, courteous and we will always work within your schedule.


Questions are inevitable with insulation installation.  We are here to answer your questions and get the job done, quickly and efficiently.


**For locations beyond a 100 mile radius from our offices, please call us – we are happy to work with you, no matter the location or distance.