Cellulose Wallspray


Cellulose wall spray is a system of insulation that has proven to be very energy effective as well as budget friendly. It is a product that is sprayed in place, filling the cavities perfectly, and resulting in a much tighter and more energy efficient home or building. Our company has been installing this product since we began in 1997. As a result, there are hundreds of homes still enjoying the benefits of cellulose wall spray.

  • Fire Safety ~ slowest flame spread of any insulating products
  • Non-Toxic ~ cellulose is made from non-carcinogenic wood fibers, there are no health concerns
  • Sound Control ~ effectively stops sound transmissions through walls and ceiling
  • Air Infiltration ~ reduces air infiltration by as much as 95%
  • High R-value ~ has a continuous r-value in cold or warm condition
  • Resistant to insects, rodents, and mold ~ treated with a boron based chemica
  • Environmental friendly ~ recycled newspaper produc