Open Cell Foam



As with all spray applied products, open cell foam is a great choice to ensure a comfortable, quiet home. Open cell is a two component product sprayed into the cavity, where it chemically expands and bonds to the substrate and studs. It is a mid-priced foam product, and one of our higher selling options of insulation. Our company has been installing this product for the past six years, giving us the confidence that we can do any project with excellent quality.

  • Energy star rating ~ Outstanding energy efficiency
  • Superior air seal ~ Completely eliminating air infiltration
  • Excellent sound control ~ Diminishes noise coming from outside such as wind, traffic, and other outside noises. Can be used in various places as a quality sound barrier
  • Environmental friendly ~ Reduces energy demand to contribute to sustainable residential or commercial designs
  • Budget Friendly ~ Typically considered as an expensive product, but our company has reduced the price due to large volume use