Closed Cell Foam


Closed cell foam is the ultimate in all insulation products with many added benefits over any other product available. Not only is it the best insulation, it also adds structural strength, is an air barrier and moisture barrier, simply putting a protection around you that is unsurpassable. Our company has been installing this product for six years, applying it to many various surfaces and situations, such as home construction, shops, crawl spaces, pipes and air ducts.  Due to the volume we are using, we have been able to reduce our price to an affordable level.

  • Energy star rating - Highest R-value of any insulation product on the market
  • Rigidity - Adds extra structural integrity to your walls
  • Moisture barrier - Acts as a secondary moisture barrier to prevent intrusion of moisture into your home, eliminating the possibility of mold.
  • Sound control - Excellent sound barrier
  • Environmental Friendly ~ Reduces the demand of heating and cooling cost. It is being specified for nursing homes, office complexes, and other commercial buildings.